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Progress on the National Housing Strategy

Canada’s National Housing Strategy has committed $50.97 billion of the $82+ billion plan. The Strategy is a 10-year plan to give more Canadians a place to call home and is slated to run until March 2028.

Progress on the programs and initiatives under the Strategy are updated quarterly, including a detailed PDF report.

The information on this page is our progress as of March 31st, 2024.

The Strategy's Total Funding Commitments in Billions

Key Highlights

households reduced or eliminated from housing need

Overall NHS Target: 540,000 units

new housing units created or committed

Overall NHS Target: 160,000 units

housing units repaired or committed

Overall NHS Target: 300,000 units

units under construction or have been repaired/built


community housing units protected

Overall NHS Target: 385,000 units

in federal funding for the construction, repair and financial support of Indigenous and Northern housing*


Indigenous and Northern units built, repaired or financially supported*


funding committed to meet housing needs of women and their children


of funding committed towards meeting the housing needs of women and their children

Overall NHS Target: 25%

*These figures include only federal initiatives. Future reporting will include all National Housing Strategy activities including provincial and territorial activities.

National Housing Strategy Reporting by Initiative

Affordable Housing Innovation Fund Opens in new tab

The Affordable Housing Innovation Fund supports new ideas that will drive change and disrupt the industry. These ideas and approaches will evolve the affordable housing sector and are creating the next generation of housing in Canada

funding committed

Budget: $859.10 million

new units committed

Target: 14,800 units

Apartment Construction Loan Program Opens in new tab

The Apartment Construction Loan Program (formerly called the Rental Construction Financing initiative) provides low-cost funding to eligible borrowers during the riskiest phases of product development of rental apartments (construction through to stabilized operations). The initiative focuses on standard rental apartment projects in Canada with general occupants where there is a need for additional rental housing supply.

loans committed

Budget: $25.75 billion

units committed

Target: 71,000 units

Affordable Housing Fund Opens in new tab

The Affordable Housing Fund (formerly called the National Housing Co-Investment Fund) provides capital to partnered organizations for new affordable housing and the renovation and repair of existing affordable and community housing. Funds are provided as low-interest and/or forgivable loans and contributions.

funding committed

Budget: $13.17 billion

new units committed

Target: 60,000 units

repaired/renewed units committed

Target: 240,000 units

Rapid Housing Initiative Opens in new tab

This Rapid Housing Initiative provides capital contributions for the rapid construction of new housing and/or acquisition of existing buildings for rehabilitation or conversion to permanent affordable housing.

funding committed

Budget: $4.00 billion

units committed

Target: 12,000 units

Federal Lands Initiative Opens in new tab

The Federal Lands Initiative provides surplus federal lands and buildings for development into affordable housing units and communities. Surplus federal lands and buildings are transferred to eligible proponents at discounted to no cost to be developed or renovated for use as affordable housing.

funding committed

Budget: $202 million

units committed

Target: 4,000 units

Housing Accelerator Fund Opens in new tab

The Housing Accelerator Fund provides incentive funding to local governments encouraging initiatives aimed at increasing housing supply. It also supports the development of complete, low-carbon and climate-resilient communities that are affordable, inclusive, equitable and diverse

funding committed

housing units fast-tracked

Federal Community Housing Initiative Opens in new tab

The Federal Community Housing Initiative provides funding and support for housing providers and their low-income tenants. The initiative supports federally administered community housing projects reaching the end of their operating agreements from past social and affordable housing programs.

provided in rent assistance

Budget: $618.2 million

community housing units supported

Target: 55,000 units

Community Housing Transformation Centre Opens in new tab

The Community Housing Transformation Centre is a network of organizations that represent and serve the needs of Canada’s community housing sector. The Centre is a third-party network delivering this National Housing Strategy initiative, which provides access to tools, financial resources and best practices to support the growth, transformation and resilience of community housing. The Centre delivers the Sector Transformation Fund.

Sector Transformation Fund

The Sector Transformation Fund is delivered by the Community Housing Transformation Centre and provides non-repayable contributions to support the longer-term evolution of community housing providers’ business models. These contributions aim to encourage the development of more efficient and resilient business models without displacing low-income households.

provided to the Community Housing Transformation Centre to date

Budget: $64.2 million

Sector Transformation Fund applications


Community Based Tenant Initiative Opens in new tab

The Community-Based Tenant Initiative provides contributions to support local organizations whose purpose is to assist people in housing need. The initiative supports tenants having access to information on housing options and participating in housing decisions that affect them.

funded to date

Budget: $10 million

approved applications


Reaching Home (led by Infrastructure Canada) Opens in new tab

Reaching Home is a community-based program that helps prevent and reduce homelessness across Canada. This program is investing nearly $4 billion in funding over 9 years to reduce chronic homelessness nationally by 50% by March 2028.

change in chronic homelessness among shelter users


people placed in more stable housing under Reaching Home


people who received prevention or shelter diversion services under Reaching Home


Shared Equity Mortgage Providers Fund Opens in new tab

The Shared Equity Mortgage Providers Fund will help 1,500 homebuyers buy their first home and assist in the creation of 1,500 projected new homeownership units.

committed to help create new units

Budget: $100 million

new homeownership units

Target: 1,500 units

First-Time Home Buyer Incentive Opens in new tab

The First-Time Home Buyer Incentive’s goal is to help up to 100,000 qualified first-time homebuyers purchase a home.

in Shared Equity Mortgages

Budget: up to $1.25 billion

applications approved

Target: up to 100,000 units

Solutions Labs Opens in new tab

Solutions Labs offer organizations funding and expertise to help them solve complex housing problems. The funding is used to explore new ways of making progress on a housing challenge.

Solutions Labs are formed through either our annual open call for proposals process or through our directed lab stream.

in funding

Budget: $24.5 million

funded labs


Demonstrations Initiative Opens in new tab

Demonstrations Initiative funds demonstrations, in a real environment, of solutions supporting housing affordability, the National Housing Strategy priority areas, population groups and outcomes.

in funding

Budget: $12.5 million

Demonstration projects


Housing Supply Challenge Opens in new tab

The Housing Supply Challenge invites citizens, stakeholders and experts from across Canada to propose innovative solutions to the barriers that limit housing supply. The initiative will result in new ideas and solutions that will help more people find an affordable place to call home.

funding committed

Budget: $300 million

projects funded

One-time top-up to the Canada Housing Benefit

The One-Time Top-Up to the Canada Housing Benefit was designed to help lower-income renters with the increased cost of rent.

in payments

applications received

Indigenous Shelter and Transitional Housing Initiative

The Indigenous Shelter and Transitional Housing initiative supports the construction of shelters and transitional housing for Indigenous women, children and LGBTQ2S+ people fleeing gender-based violence. The initiative will fund at least 38 shelters and 50 transitional homes.

conditionally or financially committed

Budget: $420 million

community housing units committed

Target: 38 shelters

transitional homes

Target: 50 transitional homes

Provincial and Territorial Initiatives

We are working with Provinces and Territories to provide an update on the progress of programs under the bilateral agreements and against the National Housing Strategy targets. We expect this data will be available shortly.

Quarterly Progress Reports

Learn more about how the National Housing Strategy is working. These quarterly reports will measure the Strategy's overall success and provide an overview of how the programs are progressing.

Other Reports

Mapping our progress

The National Housing Strategy has projects across Canada. See what’s happening near you.

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