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Housing Programs and Initiatives

Canada's National Housing Strategy offers funding through a variety of programs and initiatives. It makes investments in housing working in partnership with non-profits, developers and government entities to increase housing supply and improve quality and affordability.

Addressing the needs across the continuum

Reduce Chronic Homelessness

The Strategy seeks to reduce chronic homelessness in Canada by creating supportive environments and providing essential services to those in need.

Emergency Shelter and Transitional Housing

The Strategy supports the creation of safe housing options for priority populations through these initiatives.

Supportive Housing

Community Housing / Support for Community Housing Sector

The Strategy provides supports to the community housing sector.

Below-Market Housing:

Create New Housing Supply

The Strategy supports the construction of below-market housing units throughout Canada.

Renew or Repair of Existing Housing Supply

The Strategy allocates resources to support the renewal and repair of existing below-market housing stock.

Market Housing

Create Purpose-Built Rental Supply

To address the increasing demand for rental housing, the Strategy promotes the development of purpose-built rental properties.

Improving Homeownership Options

The goal of these programs is to turn homeownership into a reality for first-time homebuyers, with a budget of $1.35 billion.

System Changes to Increase Supply

An allocation of $4 billion is dedicated to implementing systemic changes that enhance housing supply and accessibility.

Initiatives Delivered with Provinces and Territories

With a funding commitment of $15.7 billion, these initiatives aim to support provinces and territories’ priorities. These programs include:

  • Provincial/Territorial Priority Funding
  • Canada Community Housing Initiative
  • Canada Housing Benefit
  • Northern Funding

Data, Innovation and Research

The Strategy allocates funds to innovative programs with a focus on closing vital data gaps and enhancing evidence-based decision-making. It also drives research to improve housing interventions, with a commitment of $541 million.

Human Rights-Based Approach to Housing

These programs emphasize an approach to housing rooted in human rights principles, aiming to ensure fairness, inclusivity, active involvement, and responsibility in housing solutions, with a budget of $63 million.

Direct Support Programs

One-Time Direct Support Payments

This $1.2 billion program helped low-income renters with housing affordability issues. It concluded on March 31, 2023.