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October 12, 2018

A home that helps residents get back on track

Trois-Rivières in Quebec marks the place where a river splits into 3 streams to get around several small islands. On the other side of the obstacles, the streams meet up again and join the mighty Saint Lawrence River. It’s a picture that resonates for the social housing group OMH de Trois-Rivières and their newest affordable housing facility.

Trifluvia is 27-unit residence for individuals and families who are facing challenges but are working to make their future plans a reality. It’s a transitional space where residents can strengthen and rebuild their lives.

Linda is the housing group’s Director of Accompaniment and has worked with Trifluvia since it opened. Other team members include Myriam, who manages the social and community aspects of Trifluvia, and Gaëtan, who oversees the progress of participants. All potential residents are interviewed to assess their motivation and commitment to their goals. Successful applicants work with staff and consultants to develop a 5-year personal plan.

“We take the time to work with each resident” says Linda. “Partnership is key and we truly believe in the capacity of the human being.”

Jean Michel is a biochemistry graduate from Cameroon. He came to Canada with $400 in his pocket, searching for a better life for his family. He soon realized that Montreal and Quebec City were not affordable places for him to live. He also realized he would need more schooling to make his dreams a reality.

Jean Michel heard about Trifluvia at the perfect time. He submitted an application and was relieved to learn he was accepted.

“Trifluvia allowed me to get my new life in Canada on track,” he explains. “I was able to reunite my family and work towards my education goals. Living here reduced my stress level considerably.”

Two years after moving in, Jean Michel has earned his undergraduate degree in medical biology and is looking toward post-graduate studies. He plans to leave Trifluvia soon and hopes to purchase a home for his family.

Just down the hall is Cindy, a young artist living with epilepsy. She is also a recovering victim of family violence, and these challenges have made it difficult for her to hold a job. Cindy has 2 children, and although they don’t live with her, they visit her often. She’s even created a dedicated playroom to make them comfortable when they come.

“I am proud of what I do and am now proud to share my home and my life with my children,” says Cindy. “They are everything to me.”

Trifluvia has given Cindy the opportunity to pursue her career goals. She has become a stained glass worker and is doing well in her field. Cindy is feeling more secure and excited about her future and plans to leave Trifluvia soon.

Linda loves seeing Jean Michel and Cindy’s growth and development. She is also proud of the important role Trifluvia and its staff have played in both of their journeys.

“We are the helping hand that everyone needs at some point in their life,” says Linda.

This project received funding from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and the Société d’habitation du Québec through the 2014–2019 Canada–Québec Investment in Affordable Housing.

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