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Role of Solicitors and Notaries for the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive

Solicitors and notaries will be mandated by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, as the Program Administrator, to prepare and register a second-ranking mortgage/hypothec in its favour to secure the homebuyer’s obligations under the FTBHI.

Solicitors and notaries will receive the Solicitor/Notary’s Instruction Package through the closing service provider, First Canadian Title (“FCT”). FCT will also be responsible for collecting documents required prior to funding and for advancing funds under the FTBHI.

Important Note:

Contact FCT immediately upon being advised by homebuyers or the first insured lender about participation in the incentive.


Important Note:

Solicitors and notaries are required to send the Shared Equity Mortgage Agreement and Borrowing Disclosure Statement to homebuyers. This should be completed as soon as possible after receipt of the Solicitors/Notary’s Instruction Package.

Need more information?

For questions relating to specific transactions or instructions to Solicitor/Notary, contact FCT: