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Housing Funding Initiatives Map

The National Housing Strategy has funded a variety of affordable housing projects across Canada. Use the map below to see what brick and mortar solutions are being developed near you.

This map features a variety of development projects from some of our funding initiatives focused on construction (either new or renovation) and housing affordability: 

Click on any of the icons in the map to discover what this project is and how much funding was provided by the Strategy. Information will be located on the left-hand side of the map.


Download Map Data

IMPORTANT: Learn more about our other initiatives under the National Housing Strategy.


The National Housing Strategy provides funding in all areas of the housing industry – such as research, innovation and construction. Its goal is to eliminate chronic homelessness in Canada by:

  • creating over 125,000 new housing units
  • repairing or renovating 300,000 existing buildings for housing units
  • removing up to 530,000 households from housing need